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“I have received counselling from Evija on our weekly basis for a year and a half. I found our work together immensely helpful. With her warmth, respect and professional competence, Evija gained my trust and we gradually established a safe space where I could begin to explore passions, anxieties, sorrows, anger and shame. Through drawing exercises and imaginary dream work, she helped me converse with, understand and take care of sub-personalities such as my inner child, the ‘good girl’, the perfectionist and my ‘internalised judge’. As our work together progressed, I came to know myself better, feel more grounded, and act towards myself with greater gentleness, love and acceptance.” Rikke

“I have contacted Evija to solve and understand what was happening to me in a very challenging moment of my life. As soon as I talked to her, I felt at home, relaxed and understood, an environment difficult to find specially in London. I can definitely say she has been very helpful making me notice many little things about me that I’ve  never realized before that made my future more clear.” Mauro

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