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“Develop the courage to solve those problems that can be solved, the serenity to accept those problems that can`t be solved and the wisdom to know the difference.”  (Serenity prayer)


What to expect

My counselling work is primarily influenced by principle of Psychosynthesis.  Often referred to as a “psychology with soul”, psychosynthesis embraces the whole person: mind, body, feelings and spirit. It places emphasis on the fact that each one of us has the wisdom within ourselves to find the answers to our questions.

My role is not to give you advice but to help you gain more clarity around the issues you present and become more aware of your choices.Through listening carefully and reflecting back to you what I see, hear and feel, I will aim to create a supportive and non-judgmental environment in which you can begin to reflect on your own thoughts, feelings and experiences on where you came from, who you are, and what you may become.

This also means that I bring a creative approach to work with my clients. I draw on a range of therapeutic approaches and skills, and actively seek a way of combining them to suit you as an individual. I may suggest techniques and exercise such as drawing, guided imagery and dream work, depending on what you bring to the session and feel comfortable with.

I work with honesty and frankness, which at times can be challenging. But I always operate with compassion, dedicated to the work necessary for you to gain the insights into the changes and improvements you wish to see in your life.

I treat all clients with open-mindedness, integrity and respect, regardless of age, background, ethnicity, gender, disability or sexual orientation.



All fees quoted are for a single session lasting 50 minutes.

Initial session (with no commitment for further counselling): £50

Weekday Daytime rate: £50 (8AM -5PM)

Weekday Evening & Saturday Morning rate : £60 (5PM -9PM) 

Free car park available opposite Canada Water station, adjacent to the therapy rooms.

I am able to see a very limited number of clients at a reduced rate, in cases of financial hardship.


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